Last year’s biggest home trends? Stretchy pants, comfy slippers, and the fastest internet money could buy. This year’s trends give us all a little bit more to look forward to. Here’s what designers predict for 2021:

1. Cleanliness is still king. Designers anticipate easy-to-clean fabrics and surfaces to remain in demand as a way to help us all stay on top of pesky germs.

2. Expect interior colors to warm up as owners crave warmth, comfort, and coziness. Various shades of browns, oranges, and reds will the trick.

3. Not into warm hues? Designers think soft shades of blue that create a peaceful vibe will also be popular.

4. Remodeling or building a new construction? Closed floor plans are front-and-center as demand grows for private spaces designated for remote work or at-home learning.

5. Dubbed “grandmillienial” by House Beautiful, the style showing up everywhere blends grandma’s favorite florals with sleek modern staples. Not sure where to start? Just ask yourself WWGD — what would Grandma do?

What trends are you lovin’ early in 2021? Share them below!

Post by Artur Cruz

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