How to reserve or buy a property for sale!

Tavira property for sale

How to buy or reserve

Imagine that you have decided to search a property for sale, and you have found a the house or apartment  that you like to buy. Below, you have a quick presentation how to buy any Tavira property for sale with me and RE/MAX Tavira.

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Once you chose the Tavira property for sale that you like, the first step is to reserve that property in order to avoid that others try to buy it. The reservation is an easy process to follow.

Together, we will fill one document with your offer for that property for sale with price and payment conditions, as well your ID information, address and fiscal number. In order to complete the reservation of the property for sale, you also need to make a 1000€ deposit at our office.

This deposit will be refundable whether you buy or don’t!

Your Tavira property for sale is now reserved, so its time to schedule the promissory contract or the final deed.

If you need more time to buy your property because your are selling a house, or because you need a mortgage, the best thing is to make a promissory contract. I will suggest you a lawyer in the area and he will elaborate this legal document called promissory contract, that you and the seller will sign and exchange the first payment of the property for sale.

This is a contract that you and the seller must follow and respect to the end of the transaction as it is legally binding. At this stage we can say that the property is now sold!

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Finally you will sign the final deed of the property. The final deed is the official act when the property changes from one owner to the other and it is made on at official Notary office and I will be present to ensure that the purchase runs smoothly.

After you sign the final deeds the property is yours! This was a quick summary on how to buy any Tavira property for sale.


If you have any questions or if you need more details, such as taxes, mortgage, etc… on this process please contact me to my email or call me!

King regards

Artur Cruz

RE/MAX Tavira



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