Sell a property in Algarve? Artur Cruz real estate agent

Sell a property in Algarve?


Just sold one more property in Tavira, East Algarve. This time was a 1 bedroom apartment in Tavira Garden.

After a few weeks on the market was sold very quick!

If  you want to sell a property in Algarve, call me today or send an email in order to discuss all the details in order to sell your house, apartment, villa, plot of land, townhouse, etc…

You can get free valuation and a marketing for your property!

I’m an awarded real estate agent by Remax Portugal and have 8 years of experience selling houses in the East Algarve. I have all the tools in order to sell your house.

So if you want to sell a property in Algarve or even buy one call Artur Cruz!



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