“Centurion Producer” C21 Award 2021

International award achieved C21 “Centurion Producer” Award 2021 🏆

Despite the challenges that we continue to face, it is with great pride that I obtain a new recognition and a new real estate award, only available to the best and most productive real estate agents in the market – International Award C21 “Centurion Producer” 2021! 💪

I want to thank everyone who contributed in some way to this success, namely, the family, all my customers, the entire structure of the C21 Plaza store, colleagues, local businesses and business partners. 🙏

I will continue my professional career in the same serious way and with the professional pride that characterizes me, elevating the profession of real estate agent to the maximum, helping all clients in the best way possible and, as a consequence, reach other levels of excellence due to the excellent results obtained in sales real estate agencies.

Thanks to all and thanks again! 🙏

Artur Cruz

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